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About This Product

This simple power pack takes the guess work out of bridging the nutrition gap and combining the nutrients you need each day. The products in this pack are designed to work together to support all of the major systems in your body. Starting with Forever’s patented, stabilized Aloe Vera, these products work in combination to help transfer nutrients from our cells to tissues throughout the body.

The Vital 5 Pak provides advanced nutrition that adds only what is needed for your system.

This Forever Living Vital 5 Pak contains:
30 x 3 oz. Pouches of Forever Freedom2Go
1 bottle Forever Daily
1 bottle Forever Active Probiotic
1 bottle Forever Arctic Sea
1 pouch of ARGI+

Directions For Usage

Each Forever Living Vital 5 Pak contains everything you need for a healthy nutrition. Take daily for optimal results.

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