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– Quick energy boost from Gaurana
– ADX7 technology for long lasting energy

These days life is hectic and we have so much to do within a limited time. Deadlines at work, pickups from school, soccer practice, working out at the gym, shopping, social parties and so many other things keep us on the run. All this exhausts us and it becomes almost impossible to maintain energy for all the tasks in the limited time we have. To overcome this challenge, Forever Living Products has found the right solution – FAB Forever Active Boost Energy Drink. It provides instant energy, which is also long lasting, setting it apart from other energy drinks.

Gaurana is a natural ingredient from Brazil that provides an instant boost, and long-lasting energy is supplied by the ADX7, a technology which is the right blend of odontogenic herbs and nutrients. This compound has been formulated by a Russian sports scientist and researcher. The same technology has used by Russian athletes and has helped them win over 130 medals in the Olympics.

FAB Forever Active Boost Energy Drink rejuvenates you and supplies the endurance, concentration, energy and vitamins which will help boost your productivity. It keeps you focused on your goals and gives you the endurance to pursue them.

Directions For Usage

Enjoy anytime for a natural energy boost.

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