Forever Living Product Code

# 10305


$ 49.00

About This Product

- Ultra high capacity of 200 ml
- Extended diffusion period of 6 to 8 hrs
- This model plugs into standard l20 volt outlet
- Covers an area of 450 sq.ft.
- Comprises of LED lighting with different brightness and color settings.
- Auto shut-off safety system for easy refilling

It also includes ‘No Light Mode’ and ‘Breathing Mode’ where the light gradually fades and helps in meditations and deep breathing.

You can use the oil diffuser in combination with Forever™ Essential Oils and infuse the air with natural essences to soothe your senses. The Forever™ Essential Oils Diffuser has a gentle light which complements the aromatic experience and gradually change the relaxing and inviting visuals of the room. It also revitalizes and refreshes your surroundings.