Forever Living Products In Bucktown, Chicago

Forever Living Products In Bucktown, Chicago

Forever Living Products In Bucktown, Chicago

Bucktown is one of Chicago’s neighborhoods, situated in the east of Logan Square community. It lies towards the north of Wicker Park and northwest of the Loop. It shares its boundaries with Fullerton Avenue in the north; Bloomingdale avenue which is also known as North Avenue, in the south; and the Kennedy Expressway in the east. A large number of goats were raised here due to which it was named as Bucktown. The original name was Kozie Prery (Goat Prairie) which is a Polish term.

During the 19th century, it was an important part of Polish Downtown. It is mostly a residential neighborhood. You can find here old single family homes, converted industrial loft spaces and new constructions with edgy architecture.

Things to do in Bucktown

Bucktown is Chicago city’s epicenter of creativity. You will able to find here many art galleries which are mostly housed within Flat Iron Arts Building, venues for live music and a very exciting nightlife. If you have an affinity for coffee, craft cocktails and want to shop for records, there no better place in the country to do so.

You can treat your taste buds at chef-driven restaurants. Bucktown has many restaurants which have good Michelin ratings, and many are also winners of James Beard Award. If you are fond of drinks, you will also find here very nice nightcaps.

In Milwaukee and Damen Avenues you can shop at independently-owned boutiques, vintage shops, and luxury home goods shops.

If you are looking for brands, even nationally recognized stores are on the same block. Apart from these type of shops Bucktown also has shops for people who very trendy and follow fashion like religion.

Importance of Aloe Vera in Bucktown

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Forever Living Products in Bucktown, Chicago

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