Forever Living Products in Old Town Triangle, Chicago

Forever Living Products in Old Town Triangle, Chicago

Forever Living Products in Old Town Triangle, Chicago

The Old Town Triangle is a community organization for the area bounded by North Avenue, Clark Street and the ghost of Ogden Avenue and is known as Old Town Triangle Association (OTTA). America’s best art fair and Chicago’s favorite festival, Old Town Art Fair is held by OTTA. The dedicated members of this association have made this festival as America’s number 1 art fair twice in a row.

OTTA also takes the responsibility of hosting various art and yoga classes and maintains the historic buildings of Old Town Community. Several committees are present in OTTA, each having different functions to perform.

Art Fair Committee

The Old Town Art fair, organized by OTTA, is a lively event and well-planned efforts of OTTA’s Art Fair Committee are involved in its success. To make this event a success every time, a stage for 250 artists acclaimed nationally, is set up. The setup is huge and occupies five beautiful streets. An art-loving audience of around 40,000 people is expected in this event.

For everything to be perfect in the event, there are different juries and teams of volunteers. As mentioned earlier, this fair has been recognized as America’s number 1 art festival for two years in a row, for which a large amount of energy is spent by many volunteers. Not just the OTTA volunteers are enthusiastic, but even the people of Old Town are very lively and bring a very positive vibe to this fair with their presence.

Events Committee

All non-Art Fair events such as Potluck Dinners, Movie Nights, and other fun activities are planned by Events Committee. It works on the relations with neighbors.

Neighborhood Improvement Committee

The beauty of Old Town Triangle is maintained by Neighborhood Improvement Committee (NIC). NIC makes sure that Old Town Triangle looks beautiful with its green areas, parkways, sidewalks and open spaces.

NIC keeps a regular check on the need for the community development and takes proper steps to fulfill them. NIC volunteers have done quite commendable things like maintaining green refuse containers which are spread throughout the Old Town Triangle; installing a playlot in North Ogden Park; replacing old benches in the parks and much more activities as such.

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Forever Living Products in Old Town Triangle, Chicago

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