Forever Living Products In Park West, Chicago

Forever Living Products In Park West, Chicago

Forever Living Products In Park West, Chicago

Park West is located in Lincoln Park and is just a few blocks away from the Lake Michigan. It is very close to downtown Chicago and is surrounded by many retails stores and hotels. The famous places for nature lovers like Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and Lincoln Park Zoo are also situated near Park West.

Park West has an important place in the history of Chicago and has been present for more than 90 years. Park West was opened in 1925 as the Lane Court vaudeville. In 1935 it was converted into a movie theater and was known as Town Theater. Till 1977 the local population of Chicago enjoyed the neighborhood movie house, which later was transformed into a nightclub and live performance venue, named as Park West. Currently Park West is one of Chicago’s best-equipped multimedia facility with both audio and visual events. The facility is quite famous for its professional staff who are well equipped and capable of organizing large-scale events.

Things to do in Park West, Chicago

Park West which has a capacity of 900 people at a time is the right place for a live gig or a party which lets you forget all your worries and just enjoy the moment. With an amazing sound system facility, any music performance happening in this lively venue will just let you feel free. If you are bored with your routine and want to rejuvenate your soul, you can come to Park West and enjoy an exciting nightlife. The venue has 7 bars where you can come with your friends and enjoy drinks along with the live performances from well know musicians. After all, after working hard you definitely deserve to let yourself be free and relaxed. With a lively and an exciting environment of Park West, you might sometimes go with the flow and have more than a couple of drinks. And it is completely okay to do so, as mostly you are working hard and a great time with friends doesn’t come around every day. Well, if you are worried about a hangover for the coming day and are thinking how you will perform at work the next day with a drowsy feeling and a headache, you always can have a glass of Aloe Vera juice.

Things to do in Park West

Aloe Vera or the magic plant is known for its unlimited benefits. One glass of Aloe Vera juice is so beneficial, that it not just lets you out of your hangover but even gives you enough energy for the rest of the day. Just one glass of the miraculous Aloe Vera juice and you will not even feel a minor headache and your employees will complement you on how fresh you have been looking.

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Forever Living Products in Park West, Chicago

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