Forever Living Products in Streeterville, Chicago

Forever Living Products in Streeterville, Chicago

Forever Living Products in Streeterville, Chicago

Streeterville is located in the Near North Side community of Chicago. It shares its boundaries with Magnificent Mile in the west, Chicago River in the south, and the Lake Michigan covers the eastern and the northern part of it. The name of Streeterville come from George Streeter. This neighbourhood is a mix of restaurants, hotels, residential areas, medical facilities, universities, cultural venues, and professional office centres. The neighbourhood saw a major development in recent time as the empty plots were converted into residential and commercial properties. You can reach Streeterville through Lake Shore Drive.

Things To Do in Streeterville, Chicago

Streeterville is the home for Chicago’s best restaurants and hotels. Since Chicago’s popular landmarks are close to Streeterville, most tourists traveling to Chicago are found here.

You can find 4-star hotels like InterContinental Chicago and Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers in Streeterville. Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers is 34 stories tall and gives an amazing view. InterContinental Chicago is famous for its six massive ballrooms and thus is a famous venue for weddings in Chicago. As a tourist, you will find the best hotels in Chicago in Streeterville. As there is competition, you can enjoy 5-star services in 3-star hotels.

One of the main attractions of this neighborhood is Navy Pier. You can enjoy amusement rides in navy Pier. You can hire a bicycle or go on a sightseeing boat and explore gift shops. Navy Pier has its own beer garden where you can enjoy a beer while watching the evening fireworks in the summers. The Chicago Shakespeare Theater and Chicago Children’s Museum are two venues visited by tourists throughout the year.

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Forever Living Products In Streeterville, Chicago

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