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60 Tablets

About This Product

– Boosts energy and supports the immune system
– Easily absorbed and readily digestible
– No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors

Beside honey, honey bees also provide us another useful substance called the Royal Jelly. It is the super food of bees and is exclusively fed to the queen bee. While the workers who have a life span of 6 weeks consume ordinary honey, the queen bee has a lifespan of six years and now you know the reason. It is the Royal Jelly which lets the queen bee lay 3000 eggs a day, throughout her lifespan.

Royal Jelly being so beneficial can help support the immune system. It increases energy and has benefits skin and hair.

Directions For Usage

Take one tablet, twice daily.
*This product contains ingredients produced by honeybees, but otherwise does not contain animal-derived ingredients.

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