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About This Product

Adding a perfect collection of makeup brushes to the new flawless Sonya™Cosmetic segment. Sonya Flawless Master Brush Collection is a deluxe design of well-crafted brushes with super soft synthetic bristles which take you one step closer to a smooth finish. The collection comes complete with satin lined pouches for brushes. It’s very easy to use these brushes as you can simply stand the pouch up and on completion fold down the top for an easy access.

Your face is a canvas, so embrace the artist in you and play with these versatile 10-piece brush collection. The pouch has a very chic look and offers easy access during the application.

Brushes included (1 each):
- Powder Brush; Blush Brush
- Foundation Brush
- Concealer Brush
- Lip Brush
- Eyeliner Brush
- Crease Brush
- Eyeshadow Brush
- Smudger Brush
- Brow Brush/Comb